ptcl launched evovfone enabled cdma mobile handsets PTCL Launched EVO+Vfone Enabled CDMA Mobile Handsets

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, PTCL Launched EVO +Vfone Enabled CDMA Mobile Handsets in Pakistan today. main objective of this launch according to PTCL is To communicate the EVO + Vfone enabled mobile handsets offering EVO data and Vfone CDMA voice on a single handset.
For this project, PTCL shall be partnering with Fone Zone, which is an existing PTCL franchise, dealing with sale of mobile handsets. Fone Zone deals with both new and used/imported handsets, which shall be used for this purpose. With this product, customers shall be offered voice and 3G data services simultaneously on one handset. For this deal, PTCL shall be providing connectivity support/data to Fone Zone, while the procurement and final sale of handsets shall be Fone Zone’s responsibility.

Key Product Highlights:

  1. Offering EVDO data and Vfone voice connectivity simultaneously on a single CDMA based mobile handset.
  2. Affordable handsets with a variety of voice and data packages to suit individual customer needs & wants.
  3. Offering Special/premium numbering series on the pattern of GSM numbers, currently offering 0444 & 0222 series.
  4. EVDO connectivity shall be backed by PTCL EVDO Rev-A network offering speeds up to 3.1Mbps
  5. Voice connectivity shall be provided by Vfone network.
  6. Create awareness amongst the potential users about the core benefits of an EVDO+Vfone enabled CDMA mobile handset.

Tariff/Package Details:

  1. For Voice connectivity, customers can choose from any of the 3 commercially launched Vfone prepaid packages
    (Simple, Family, Unlimited).
  2.  For Data connectivity, customers can choose any of the below-mentioned EVO packages:
  3. Service can be availed from Fone Zone retailers.

voice data packages evo PTCL Launched EVO+Vfone Enabled CDMA Mobile Handsets

ptcl launched evovfone cdma mobile handsets PTCL Launched EVO+Vfone Enabled CDMA Mobile Handsets