Bomb Blast in Lahore Near Railway Station, Two Killed Many Injured

LAHORE: A blast took place at the railway station in Lahore on Tuesday. Express News reports that the blast took place on Platform number 2 of the station.


Express News correspondent Saquib Saleem Butt reports that sources have said a black bag, placed around 7-8 feet away from the waiting lounge, had exploded.

Rescue sources say that 35 injured people were shifted to hospitals.

No trains are coming or going from the railway station.


Bomb Disposal Squad officials say that up to 5-6kg of explosive material was used in the blast.

Five of the injured are reported to be in critical condition.

The injured are being shifted to Mayo and Ganga Ram hospitals.

BDS officials say that the bomb could have been detonated using a timer or a remote control.


The waiting rooms have been severely damaged as a result of the blast.

The bomb was reported to have been placed inside a black bag and left a 10 foot crater after the blast.

The blast took place outside the waiting room of Pak-Business Train.

The number of injured has risen to 25.


Three people have been killed as a result of the blast. The dead are reported to be two porters and one policeman.

All injured people have been shifted to the hospital by Rescue 1122 teams.

The platform has been cleared.

Awam Express has been cleared to depart from the railway station.

A large number of police personnel have arrived at the station.

Police say there is no confirmation on the nature of the blast.


The number of injured is reported to be 15.

There were reports of a bomb being planted in a nearby area in the morning. Express News reports that bombs had also been found placed within plastic bags at a shop in the area.

The Bomb Disposal Squad has arrived at the station.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has taken notice of the blast and has ordered an immediate inquiry into the incident.


Express News correspondent Amjad Sethi reports that windows around the platform shattered as a result of the blast.

One of the dead is reported to be a policeman.

One of the bodies is reported to have been severely damaged as a result of the blast.

One of the injured was reported to be serious. Two to three children and a couple of women were also injured.


Express News correspondent Amjad Sethi reported that two people had been killed and six were injured.

The blast took place five minutes after the Awam Express train stopped at the platform. The train had arrived from Karachi to head to Rawalpindi.

Rescue 1122 and other teams have arrived at the station.

There is no confirmation on the nature of the blast as yet, but there are reports of a suicide attack.

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Video of Bomb Blast in Lahore Near Railway Station