KARACHI: At least eight people were killed in a car bomb attack targeting a senior police official in the Darakshan area of Karachi on Monday.

The blast occurred outside the house of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Crime Investigation Department (CID) Chaudhry Aslam. The house, nearby buildings and vehicles in the area were severely damaged after the blast.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) South Commander Shaukat confirmed that six guards, a woman and a child were killed.

He said a double-cabin vehicle had been used in the attack.

The explosion left an eight feet crater in the ground.

Aslam, who survived the attack, told reporters that he had received threats from militant groups, including the al Qaeda-linked Pakistani Taliban.

“I was sleeping when they carried out this cowardly act and rammed a vehicle packed with explosives into my house,” Aslam told Reuters.

“I will not be cowed. I will teach a lesson to generations of militants.”

“I did not know that these terrorists were such cowards that they would attack sleeping children,” said Aslam speaking to the media.

According to Reuters, some of Aslam’s guards were wounded and members of his family were trapped under the rubble.

Rangers and police have cordoned off the area.

“We have received three dead bodies,” Seemi Jamal, a senior doctor at Jinnah hospital, told AFP.

Express 24/7 correspondent Ahmed Jung reports children from nearby schools are being sent home.

Terrorists, in November 2010, had targeted the CID building, near PIDC, killing at least 16 people and injured more than 140.

A coordinated gun and car bomb suicide attack had been carried out in the back alleys of what is referred to as the highest security zone in the city – mere metres away from the Sindh Chief Minister House and in the backyard of the most heavily guarded installations in the city

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